Big piano... Little bass

Here are some of the places I’ve been fortunate enough to play… and some of the people I’ve been fortunate to play and record with.

And at the bottom of the page are a few of my compositions.

Performance Schedule


12/30/23: NYEE contra (Pasadena)
Double Trouble w/ Jacqui Grennan and Jeremy Korr calling

12/31/23: NYE contra (San Diego)
Double Trouble w/ Jacqui Grennan calling

1/1/24: San Diego ECD
Double Trouble w/ Three local callers calling

1/6/24: S. Pasadena contra
Kira Ott and Jeffrey Spero w/ Andy Shore calling

1/11/24: San Luis Obispo contra
Syncopaths w/ William Watson calling

1/12-14/24: Contra Carnivale (San Luis Obispo)
Syncopaths (also Elixir and Eloise & Co.) w/ Nils Fredland, Cis Hinkle and Susan Petrick calling

1/27/24: Anaheim contra
Kira Ott and Jeffrey Spero w/ Susie Kendig calling

1/28/24: Culver City ECD
Amy Martin, Lindsay Verbil and Jeffrey Spero w/ James Hutson calling

2/3/24: San Diego contra
Audrey Jaber, Ness Smith-Savedoff and Jeffrey Spero w/ Chris Page calling

2/4/24: South Pasadena ECD
Green Willow w/ James Hutson and Darlene Hamilton calling

2/9-10/24: Winter Frolic (Phoenix)
Joyance w/ Christine Merryman calling

2/18/24: Santa Barbara contra
Chopped Liver w/ Lindsay Verbil calling

2/24-25/24: Fiddling Frog (Pasadena, CA)
Audrey Jaber and Jeffrey Spero (incidental music)

3/2/24: S. Pasadena contra
Kira Ott and Jeffrey Spero w/ TBA calling

3/8-10/24: Carolina Meltdown (Lake Wylie, SC)
Syncopaths (also Drive Train) w/ Seth Tepfer and Diane Silver calling

3/31/24: Santa Barbara contra
Rosin Sniffers w/ Jeffrey Spero calling

4/6/24: S. Pasadena contra
Anvil Sky w/ Jeffrey Spero calling

4/7/24: South Pasadena ECD
Green Willow w/ TBA calling

6/2/24: South Pasadena ECD
Green Willow w/ TBA calling

6/16-23/24: Hey Days (Sonoma, CA)
Jeffrey Spero (also Alchemy, Dave Langford, Betsy Branch and a host of others) w/ Melissa Running, David Millstone and Bridget Whitehead calling

6/23-29/24: BACDS Family Week (Monte Toyon, CA)
Jeffrey Spero (also M’Gilvry Allen, David James and a host of others) w/ TBA calling


Partial list – click on photo for full screen image.

Bozzy MaCoo

  • Audrey Jaber – fiddle
  • Jeffrey Spero – piano
  • Sam Bartlett – mandolin

Double Trouble

  • Jeffrey Spero – piano
  • Rodney Miller – fiddle

Force For Nature

  • Ashley Hoyer – mandolin
  • Audrey Jaber – fiddle
  • Jeffrey Spero – piano


  • Audrey Jaber – fiddle
  • Christa Burch – bodhran, vocals
  • Jeffrey Spero – piano

Lift Ticket 

  • Jeffrey Spero – piano
  • Rex Blazer – fiddle
  • TJ Crow – mandolin


  • Ashley Hoyer – mandolin
  • Ben Schreiber – fiddle
  • Jeffrey Spero – piano

Rhythm Raptors

  • Jeffrey Spero – piano
  • Mark (Pokey) Hellenberg – percussion
  • Ralph Gordon – bass
  • Rodney Miller – fiddle
  • TJ Crow – mandolin


  • Ashley Hoyer – mandolin
  • Christa Burch – bodhran, vocals
  • Jeffrey Spero – piano, bass
  • Ryan McKasson – fiddle, viola


  • Michael Mendelson and Friends: A Fiddler’s Notebook (1998)
  • Laura Light and Friends: No Gravity (2001)
  • Syncopaths: Rough Around The Edges (2005)
  • Michael Mendelson and Friends: Fiddle Pieces (2009)
  • David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky: Inspired (2010)
  • Syncopaths: Five Gears (2010)
  • Syncopaths: Be Like The Sea (2023)

Festivals and concerts

Partial listing

  • 12 Hour Twirl (CA): Syncopaths
  • Atlanta Dance Weekend (GA): King Kontra
  • Atlanta Dance Weekend (GA): Syncopaths
  • BACDS American Week (CA): Syncopaths
  • BACDS Family Week (CA): Staff musician
  • Balance the Bay (CA): Syncopaths
  • Bear Hug (MT): Lift Ticket
  • Burning Man (NV): Syncopaths
  • Butterfly Whirl (GA): Syncopaths
  • Cabin Fever (TN): Rhythm Raptors
  • Cabin Fever (TN): Syncopaths
  • Camp Damp (AK): Offbeats
  • Cascade Contra (OR): Bozzy MaCoo
  • Cascade Contra (OR): Syncopaths
  • Catalina Contradance Weekend (CA): Offbeats
  • Chehalis (BC-Canada): Syncopaths
  • Coffee Gallery Backstage (CA): Syncopaths
  • Contra Carnivale (CA): Rhythm Raptors
  • Contra Carnivale (CA): Syncopaths
  • CDH (winter) (WV): Lift Ticket
  • CTMS Summer Solstice (CA): Chopped Liver
  • CTMS Summer Solstice (CA): Syncopaths
  • Dance Camp North (AK): Syncopaths
  • Dance Trance (KY): Syncopaths
  • Dancing Bears (AK): Rhythm Raptors
  • Dancing Fish (FL): Syncopaths
  • Dancing Fool (WA): Rhythm Raptors
  • Dancing With The GODS (FL): Syncopaths
  • Dandelion Romp (OH): Syncopaths
  • Fall Frolick (CA): Staff musician
  • Fiddling Frog (CA): Rhythm Raptors
  • Fire Ant Frolic (TX): Syncopaths
  • Flamingo Fling (OK): Syncopaths
  • FolkMADness (NM): Syncopaths
  • Grand Annex (CA): Syncopaths
  • Harvest Moon (CA): Chopped Liver
  • Lady of the Lake Family Week (ID): JRK
  • Lady of the Lake June Week (ID): Force For Nature
  • Lady of the Lake June Week (ID): Rhythm Raptors
  • Lady of the Lake Fall Weekend (ID): Syncopaths
  • Lake Eden Arts Festival (NC): Syncopaths
  • Lake Eden Arts Festival (NC): Lift Ticket
  • Lake Eden Arts Festival (NC): Rhythm Raptors
  • McCabe’s (CA): Richard Greene
  • Millpond Music Festival (CA): Syncopaths
  • Northwest Passage (OR): Syncopaths
  • No Snow Ball (CA): Offbeats
  • Once In A Blue Moon (AL): Syncopaths
  • Orange Blossom Special (FL): Lift Ticket
  • Palmetto Bug Stomp (SC): Syncopaths
  • Pigtown Fling (OH): Syncopaths
  • Pilgrim’s Progression (KS): Syncopaths
  • Pinewoods American Music and Dance Week (MA): Syncopaths
  • Pinewoods English Week (MA): Staff musician
  • Raindance (OR): Lift Ticket
  • Snowball (FL): Rhythm Raptors
  • Snowball (FL): Syncopaths
  • Spring Breakdown (MO): Syncopaths
  • Summer Soirée (NC): Syncopaths
  • Supersonic (WA): Syncopaths
  • Trillium Twirl (MI): Syncopaths
  • Wasatch Wiggle (UT): Offbeats
  • When In Doubt, Swing (TX): Syncopaths


Click on composition for full screen image.