Visual Editor. Musician. Dance caller. Choreographer.


Jeffrey Spero can't be pidgeon-holed into any category. Whether it's editing or music, he uses multiple approaches to make the best out of any situation. In his professional editing career, Jeffrey has been at the editorial helm for award winning documentaries, major network reality shows, national sports shows, concerts and direct response marketing.  Jeffrey's credits range from commercials and promos to full-length shows and DVD editorial, and his work has been seen nationally on networks such as ABC, FOX, PBS, A&E, Fox Sports and on movie screens.

Jeffrey has been playing piano and singing since he was five years old. At a young age he discovered an affinity for popular music and developed his style emulating musicians like James Taylor, Elton John, and Bruce Hornsby. In his 30s, he brought his rhythmic style to American and Celtic folk and dance music and now travels around the country playing dances, concerts and festivals with bands such as 
Syncopaths and Rhythm Raptors.

In addition to editing and music, Jeffrey is a contradance caller and choreographer whose dances have been enjoyed all across this country and overseas.